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Thank god this has no vocals.... - 15%

UroboricForms, December 14th, 2007

Sleep terror disorder is defined as repeated temporary arousal from sleep, during which the affected person appears and acts extremely frightened.

Basically, a waking nightmare.

A more fitting name could not have been chosen for this awful west coast-based outfit. The joke is Sleep Terror, and its punchline is every track on this demo.

Paraphile opens with Tables Turned Crimson, a harbinger of what lies ahead. Attempting to blend the surf-rock of Dick Dale with incredibly generic grindcore influenced riffage, and topped with a klutzy attempt at imitating virtuoso free-jazz leads, you're sure to be disappointed by the end of this disastrous mess. Tom Morello's trademark turntable noises are even mimicked here by guitarist Luke Jaeger, yet the latter axeman lacks the foresight to see that he has completely ruined the song.

It's easy to initially mistake Paraphile's genre-jumping buffet of refuse for music that actually contains substance. The average death metal fan will insist that this is "technical jazz-influenced death metal," and may even assert that this kind of music has never been done before. The aforementioned "metalhead" has obviously never been introduced to Floridian titans Atheist and Cynic, among others.

You won't find yourself hard pressed to spot the differences between Sleep Terror and a seasoned jazz-influenced death metal band like Cynic if you compare Paraphile to Focus. Sleep Terror lacks the ability to craft a memorable song; every riff, solo, and random jazz break escapes the memory just as soon as it soils the listener's ears.

If Paraphile has one thing going for it, it's consistency; each succesive track lives up to the sloppiness and incohesion that preceded it, which brings me to the prevailing flaw of Paraphile: a lack of cohesive ideas. Each and every moment of every song is forgettable, pointless, unnecesary, and simply unbearable to listen to. The individual sections of each song blur together, rambling aimlessly, leaving the listener bored to tears, and in some cases devoid of the amount of cash they shelled out for this worthless slop-fest. The "jazz-licks" serve only to distract the listener from the lack of songwriting ability commanded by the band, and the other assorted random "wacky" sections are used only to dupe thoughtless metalheads into believing this demo is somehow "progressive."

Honestly Paraphile has only three positive qualities. The first being that it has no vocals. The absence of a singer prevents this demo from further redefining the word "suck". Second, the demo itself is only 13 minutes long. Finally the guitar playing is technical, and can at times sound decent. If only it was memorable and tasteful. Even having listened to this album 3 times today alone, not a single song distinguishes itself from the next.

If you're looking for music that will leave a lasting impression, Paraphile is definitely not for you. However, if random disjointed musical ideas bound together by cheesy cover art impress you, you can end your search here.

Probe-a-phile? - 15%

Certain_Death, October 22nd, 2005

Yes, this release leaves the listener with the distinct impression that the musicians involved are heartily appreciative of some good ol' anal penetration.

It's technical death metal mixed with jazz. It's completely unmemorable and featureless technicality mixed with utterly futile jazz breaks. It's fucking pointless. Having listened to this several times, I can not remember one single riff, one single interlude, nothing. It's in one ear and out the other. The tech death parts are boring and indistinguishable. The jazz parts are completely unnecessary.

Most people cum over this for "mixing death and jazz", as if it were some new idea. Guess what, dumbass? Atheist, Cynic, and Pestilence did that in the early 90's. Furthermore, whereas those bands actually attempted to integrate the two styles, Sleep Terror just slap them together haphazardly. You'll be falling asleep during some part, and then right in the middle of a riff (or perhaps the beginning or end, I can't tell) they'll suddenly break out and go into some lounge jazz. It's clear that they're trying to be "random" and "creative" and "unique", but they're really none of these, and it shows. It is not "creative" to randomly mix samples of two different genres. Any dumbass with a computer and a mixing program can do that. The people that appreciate this are probably the same imbeciles who think shouting meaningless, unrelated words for no reason at all makes them "random" and "funny" and "wacky".

Basically, the band sounds like Opeth, except with technical death metal and jazz instead of whatever-the-fusty walrus! Opeth do and acoustic shit. If that interests you, then please feed your simple-minded, easily impressed ignorance by obtaining this release. Basically, the guys in the band are probably sitting back now, laughing at everybody for buying this piece of shit that they cobbled together from an easy-listening jazz station and the latest Deeds of Flesh release within 15 minutes.

If you're looking for something that pretends to be new and progressive, but is accessible and easy to show all your friends so you can have cool parties with wicked awesome death/jazz music in between your 50 cent songs, get this. If you want something truly progressive, steer clear.

15% for technical prowess on the guitars. The drummer sounds suspiciously like a drum machine, so no points there.

Holy shit this is random... but damn good. - 92%

Quicksilverturk, August 20th, 2005

Probably like most people that discover this band, I found them while searching for Sleep on Soulseek. Little did I know that checking out this then unknown band would have these results. I'm a fan of jazzy instrumental stuff. I never expected to be a fan of.. this. This seems to be one big ode to the Florida Death metal scene of the 90's. We have obvious Atheist and Cynic influences, as well as that Death sound and even some just flat out brutal sections. Strangest thing of all? No vocals. Some spoken word, but no death vox or singing. Somehow, this manages to work. The musicianship is great. The riffs are awesome, the drumming is tight and technical. The thing that stands out to me the most is the excellent tone the guitarist achieves when he turns the distortion off and plays clean. If you're a fan of any of the aformentioned bands, this is a must-have. If you are looking to expand your musical tastes, this is a great place to start.

Great Debut for this Highly Technical Band - 90%

Hammond, January 31st, 2005

Sleep Terror's debut release, Paraphile, draws on influences from Necrophagist, Atheist, legendary jazz guitarist Charlie Christian, and Brutal Death metal legends such as Suffocation and Wormed. How can a two person band whose homepage is a fucking myspace pack so much on a twelve minute release you say? I have no fucking clue. They also include the riff from My Sharona as just to top it off.

The album/demo includes two samples both depicting acts of mutilation, one at the beginning and one towards the middle which set a nice tone for the demo. The riffs come fast and hit hard. Most of the riffs end abruptly with either a jazz guitar solo, a Brutal breakdown, or a weird guitar interlude that guitarist Luke Jaeger manages to pull off every single time. This release really manages to show what six strings, a shit load of effects, and a little bit of insanity can pull off.

The downside of this is it's length. At a little over thirteen minutes it is barely as long as a Sunn 0))) song. Sure this album packs so much technicality and innovation then you can listen to it over and over again without getting bored, adding five more minutes would not have killed them. It is technically only a demo so length should not even be an issue.