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Excellent - 100%

HolocAustin, September 29th, 2005

I first heard Sleep Terror in early 2005 when they had a jam room they rented at Studio 7. First door on the right. I remember Dougie from Barefoot Barnacle was like, "you have to hear this band!" So we walked across the hall into their jam room and there was Luke and Dave (old drummer) chilling. I had no idea what to expect, I was just like "WHOA a 2 piece!" sarcastically like it wasn't going to be anything special. As soon as they started playing I wanted to cry; I wanted to rip my eyelids off; I almost fainted; luke's fingers moved so fast and dave was the best drummer I have ever seen in front of me. FUCKING A. SOOOO BADASS. I have seen them live once at the martha lake community center in bothell w/ a bunch of emo bands and they destroyed everyone and had their mouf's to DA GROUND> haha. After they moved to cali, they came back to studio 7 in august to play a show and there were probably 300-400? people there. Myspace helped those guys take off for sure. They are perfect live. Make sure to keep an eye on future projects that dave does even though he's not in sleep terror anymore he is an amazing drummer. I will always be a loyal fan of sleep terror, unless they actually become real terrorists. As long as luke keeps playing his lighting blazing arpeggios and badass riffs I will like them. I think alot of people agree this is the best and most original band to come out in a lonnngggg lonnngg while.

Global Genocide

Simply Amazing - 100%

EmperorIX, September 11th, 2005

This EP is somehow even better than the last one. Better production, heavier riffs, crazier tech madness and the return of the awesome percussion and surf breaks from the Paraphile days. Starting with a sample from the film Misery, Hypersomnia Rationale begins after about 1:40 with a typical Jaeger style heavy tech riff and progresses through tons of tempo and feel changes which is what keeps this band so fresh. There isn't really a whole lot of variety between the songs, but that's because each song goes through about 15 feels and styles within itself so it does not in any way get monotous or boring. Sovereignty Through Abstinence is probably my favourite track, lots of heavy riffing and crazy surf zany-ness. Vague Sentiments Unveil is badass also but nothing in particular worth mentioning, just an overall awesome tune...The last track has a lot of parts that you wouldn't expect on the last EP which is cool because the band is evolving, although it may have seemed impossible since it was already a seemingly random mishmash of riffs that somehow creates coherent and brilliant songs. This is the best thing that has come out in 2005 and there's a 99% chance nothing is gonna top it. Contact Luke and buy a copy now.