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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - 85%

SweetLeaf95, February 24th, 2015

Overall this is great, but there certainly are some big questions here, so may as well get them on the table. First off, why the hell does Metallica get their own disc, and all three of the others have to share one? That doesn't seem like it should matter, until you find out that their setlist is way longer than the other bands. I get it, their the big guys, the popular ones, but come on man, they gotta all be even. Another thing, at the end when all four bands were out to play "Am I Evil?", why were there hardly any Slayer members out there? Granted, the others came out for the big picture at the end of it. Those are my only questions with the DVD as a whole, but note that for the rest of this, I will break it into one part for each band's performance.

Being chronological here, I will start with the performance of Anthrax. This one was probably actually my second least favorite of the four bands to play. I love Anthrax, but Joey Belladonna's voice just doesn't seem to do it for my live anymore or at least not as well. If this was made in the year 1989 or something along those lines, it would probably be pretty solid. His voice just seems to be out of range a lot and there's hardly any power there anymore. Thankfully the rest of the band does pretty well, but then again you usually don't lose instrument skills because of age, and that's all this really seems to be from. I like the setlist they picked, all of the songs on here are classics, however I probably would have replaced "Only" with something else. John Bush was not made for this band, and Joey singing his songs doesn't change anything. Scott Ian, I will say, seems to play just as well if not better than back in the heyday. Something that is evident in slowing down is "Got The Time". That's one of the fastest Anthrax songs that I know, but on here they could not quite keep up the pace anymore. No shame in that, they have had an incredible career and I am glad the boys were able to re-unite to do something like this. To sum it up though, I'd say it's good, but just not the same as what it could have been years ago. Granted I wasn't alive all of those years ago, but you get the point. My total scoring for this one would probably be 67%.

Megadave, I mean, excuse me, Megadeth is next. Anymore the band lineup means nothing to me because it always seems to change. However Nick Menza on drums is the exception. He is the one drummer that is superior to the others. That means nothing since he is not on here. Regardless of that though, this was probably the best performance of the four bands. Dave Mustaine, although getting old and certainly showing age, does a pretty great job on this. His solos and playing techniques did not go down at all since the '80s, and even after his issue with his hand, he still kills it. Same goes for his vocals, if anything, they sound a little quieter, but I wouldn't say weaker. Hardly ever in metal is the bass ever that significant to me, simply because a lot of times I can't even hear it. David Ellefson is an exception, because his playing is very audible and sounds great on almost all of the tracks. Megadeth still has it in them for this performance. I also love how he takes one break in all of the songs. While the other bands stop and talk to the audience, he does that one time very briefly before the track "Head Crusher". And that's it! No more do you hear them stop and do anything like that. It just plays straight through til the end, with the Holy Wars Reprise that they seem to end every concert with. They did something similar when I saw Megadeth live in 2013 with Black Label Society, Device, Hellyeah!, and Newsted. Great performace, and overall get's an 89%.

SLAYER! You'll hear that a lot at metal concerts in general. However I can't say at this one I would do the same. I was greatly disappointed by this performance, and would definitely say that this was the worst one. For years Slayer were great live performers, but like Anthrax I think the age is finally getting to them. Other live DVDs of theirs such as "War At The Warfield" or "Live Intrusion" are spectacular. But this one, definitely is a let down. I'd like to see Slayer soon so I can say I've seen them, before they completely die out. Anyways, Tom Araya has lost all sense of power in his voice. Take "Angel Of Death" and "War Ensemble". Both of those songs have long, loud, beastly screams. He either doesn't do them or does it very weakly in this. He also doesn't sound like he always has his breath for some parts, and overall just sounds weak. The rest of the band did pretty well, but that isn't enough to balance it out to me. Jeff Hannemen has always been my guitarist of choice for this band. His was pretty up to par, however Kerry King seems to only care about how mean he looks and the playing sounds a little slowed down. Then again, so does the whole band. It's the age, I'm telling you. Something else, I thought that the setlist was rather mediocre. There was too much new stuff and not enough classic. They played nothing from the first two albums, but then again, I'm not sure if they even could at this point. Yet they could do "Chemical Warfare", so I don't understand. Also, like I said, almost none of the guys joined at the end for the "Am I Evil?" performance. Come on guys, get off your asses and get out there. You're legendary! Slayer certainly went below their standards, and receive a 50%.

Lastly, the band absorbing the most fame, Metallica. Their performance was incredible too, almost as good as Megadeth's. Metallica have always seemed to be ageless when it comes to playing live. Sure, they aren't the long haired aggressive maniacs that we all know of and loved in the '80s, but they still certainly aren't bad. The only thing is, I don't really see why they get to play so much more just because they're more popular. Regardless, most of it was pretty good. James still sings his heart out, and gives off that vibe of just wanting to have fun. Lars is still a freak, not the best drummer, but still the same guy he always was. The instruments are top notch as always. Really, there's no disappointments on this. They probably could have cut out some of the newer stuff as well, much like Slayer needed to do. But they make up for it by at least doing everything well and having plenty of classics on here to balance it out. While most people get annoyed by bands that talk a lot, Metallica is fine by doing so. Like I said, James always wants to just put up a good show, so him talking to the audience a lot is not a problem at all. Something else that I never quite understood was why they always throw the tracks from "Kill 'Em All" at the very end. They did that here too. Perhaps they just like to close on an energetic note? Hey, at least they did a great job with it, like I said. Certainly nothing like it was but at least they can adapt their old stuff well. I give this one an 88%.

If you like all of the bands, I suggest getting this regardless of some of the flaws, just because it is something that every fan should see at least ones. It has it's good, bad, and ugly (definitely not talking about some of the band members at all there....). It's also good for background if you have people over and just want a concert on TV. Mostly good performances with some weak parts, that's all I've got to say.