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Commendable live offering, must see extra. - 82%

Wez, December 16th, 2004

This must be what fans have been waiting for and undoubtedly rekindles the fires of their past live offerings. The main attraction of this DVD is yet another bold and terrifyingly energetic performance from the band, which is just what fans would expect. Inlcuded also is a rather hilarious 50 minute documentary, full of stupid fans doing stupid stuff, a video for the God Hates Us All cut "Bloodline" and a rather small photo gallery.

This performance lives up to Slayer's reputation and follows on in the tradition of the live masterpiece of "Decade of Aggression". They manage to get through a good set of generally regarded "classics" and some of the better songs from "God Hates Us All". Though I would love more than just the title track to be played from the Hell Awaits album, which makes Slayer's live releases an eternally frustrating experience in addition to one of reverence. They are still on top form here, with hiccups and improvisation here and there never hurting the material.
They stamp their authority all over the Warfiled and both band and crowd are frantically feeding off each other's energy. Inclusion of some questionable material, of which Diabolus In Musica's lackluster "Stain of Crap" is firmly accused of being doesn't bring down the set much, but like most live offerings all falls under the banner of opinion. There is never a setlist that can truly satisfy everybody, and while this one is very good with some favourites making an appearance (Postmortem, Chemical Warfare etc etc etc) leaves off several other crucial numbers. At least in my opinion.

After the blazing live performance, Slayer's DVD still has one surprise left in the form of a documentary. Basically this is a collection of some of the stupidest and craziest fans ever seen, some interviews with a bunch of aging gits (also known as "the band") and many laughs along the way. I give credit to this for the sheer absurdity of some of the folk presented here: fantatical fans willing to self mutilate on Tom Araya's command, a girl pondering which band member would be a better fuck, one man who's inner demon bears the name Jim Carrey and another girl who would kill herself if one of the band members would want to have sex with her corpse. Madness, utter madness (also including guests in the form of Scott Ian and rather randomly, Kirk Hammet) and well worth seeing for the comedy value, I watch the DVD more for this than the live show. Rounding off this release, the "Bloodline" video is well directed and produced but is built upon one of the more annoying tracks on GHUA. Stick a proper solo in there and it might have been okey, but no... I digress.

Fans of the band will like this DVD which stays true to Slayer's uncompromising and brutal live show. Those who want a laugh will apply for the documentary too. Not the perfect DVD release but one that will definitely please Slayer fans' cravings for more.