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Slayer Live DVD - Get something worthless for $20 - 20%

Shadow0fDeath, October 9th, 2004

Normally I don't buy DVD's because they typically suck, especially live ones. Seeing as this was slayer though I was hoping for an extreme show buy them, instead I got a pile of shit for a DVD. First of all the video quality was horrible. Maybe it was my DVD player but the lighting really fucks up the quality of the DVD and made it a pain to watch.

The setlist for the DVD was also not that great apart from having a few better songs from Reign in Blood and the fact they remembered classics, but I think we could do without some useless tracks on the DVD. I felt myself skipping through a lot of songs on it because they're either shitty songs and my eyes started to hurt from all the color, watching it was like asking for a seizure. Overall the setlist could have been much better.

One benifit is that slayer did play some classics, including Die by the Sword from Show No Mercy, Angel of Death, War Ensamble, South of Heaven, and others, but that doesn't really get it off as a good DVD. It was still a complete pile of steaming cowshit. I was not impressed with this dvd in any way shape or form.

Oh and what about the action? I thought Slayer ruled live. When I saw them live, and when I saw this DVD both shows sucked. Nothing really happens that's interesting. It's just like every other band playing live. What makes live slayer any better? Especially when their lights try to give you a seizure.

I would avoid this DVD. While it may be slayer live on DVD it's still shit. I can't believe I made an idiot of myself to be so gullible to spend $20 on a live slayer DVD. I warn everyone to stay away. Maybe the new DVD is better, but I wouldn't hold my breath.