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old. school. hardcore. - 85%

ironasinmaiden, February 7th, 2003

Instead of going the conventional route of obvious covers and butchered classics, Slayer tap their punk influence for Undisputed Attitude.... you can really hear how much the raw intensity of bands like Minor Threat and TSOL affected their sound, particularly that of Reign in Blood. The covers here are 100% Slayer without sacrificing tradition so to speak... in lieu of sloppy strummed power chords are fast tremelo picking and the occasional solo. Undisputed Attitude may stand as Tom Araya's last admirable vocal performance, and that alone makes it a must for fans.

The originals I have heard: Verbal Abuse (Verbal Abuse), Superficial Love (TSOL), Filler/I Don't Wanna Hear It + Guilty of Being White (Minor Threat), Violent Pacification (DRI), I'm Gonna Be Your God (Stooges), and I Hate You (Dictators?) are done justice by Slayer's covers and then some. In some cases, they add another dimension of speed that could easily appeal to metal purists without leaving punks behind. Highlights include: Richard Hung Himself, Verbal Abuse/Leeches, and Filler.

Ddamm and Can't Stand You are culled from Jeff's days in a sloppy hardcore bad.. pretty amateur, but also entertaining. Closing track Gemini sticks out like a sore thumb... a brooding, ominous, and fucking HEAVY track about San Francisco's Zodiac killer. A great Slayer song, no doubt, and one that should of jumped to Diabolus in Musica, cos that album is in dire need of good material.