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Angry and fun!!! - 100%

grindorr, October 26th, 2004

Im not a huge fan of slayer or anything, I don't even listen to that many punk bands, but this one delivered more than my expectations. Just imagine slayers unrelenting speed/thrash style and punks raw aggression in one record.
The guitar sounds punk. The drums sound punk and fucking clear, the bass is heard well.And fuck, even Tom Araya sounds punk! Everything sounds good and thats enough for me.In short "undisputed attitude "pwns" punk.
Most songs are medleys of 2 songs from various punk bands and are roughly between 1 and 2 minutes long and they are fast, each number sleamlessly blending into the next song on the medley.
The album sounds fucking angry and hilarious at the same time. Youd wanna get drunk and shout along with the songs! Tom Araya screams his head off in this one spewing all the pissed off, hate filled lyrics to fast thrashy riffs and furious punk style drumming making this an all out punk massacre!!
Most of the song is all made up from the essential elements of riff, chorus, abusive shouts and fast paced drums, with a few solos.
Every song is special in its own way. From songs like "abolish government" and "Disintegration" which are blistering fast to songs like "Mr Freeze" and "DDAMM" that are more mid tempo to songs like "Spiritual law" and "Violent pacification" ,slayers style flows through evenly adding the element of heaviness and speed into punk, making it enjoyable for a wider audience-both metalheads and punks.
For all you old school slayer fans, there is one track one this cd called "Gemini",It's a slayer original, and I gotta say that is one of their best songs. Its very atmospheric with slow singing, throbbing bass and sluggish riffs. This is the slayer we all know and it's a
Nice way to end the punk part of the album.
This album is not a showcase of slayers technical style or how "evil" they can sound. People hardly quote this one, slayers only cover album. But then again, this is more of a fun album, that's a light hearted attempt at crossing genres to come out with something that can still bring across the heaviness of slayer and the intensity that Punk has the potential to offer.