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Kinda fun, if ya like punk - 50%

UltraBoris, May 17th, 2004

And if you don't like punk, you'll think this is pure shit. But these are fun little songs; about a minute and a half each, all of them a blast of aggression and energy. Nothing too overtly epic and serious - don't expect the crusher break of Raining Blood here. Try just simple stuff like "I hate you!!!", but done with passion and conviction; something that Slayer couldn't be accused of on the actual studio albums that came after this.

This is fun driving music... it's not something you'd want to pay too close attention to, because on close listening, it kinda falls apart as being simplistic punk rock. But hey, that's what it is... simplistic punk rock. Highlights... probably the DRI song Violent Pacification, or maybe the old Hannemann project DDAMM... or maybe Can't Stand You. Hell, none of them are particularly bad.

Production is pretty decent. Araya's vocals are just a bit overdistorted, but the guitars come in loud and clear, and provide the extra spark that the original punk bands sometimes had, and sometimes did not.

Oh yeah, but what the fuck is up with that original? Man, that song suuuuucks hard. Where's there any aggression in that? It sounds like Slayer taking lounge singing courses; even Dead Skin Mask is more fun than that song, and that's saying a lot.