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"Can't Stand the Way You Punk!" - 96%

HanSathanas, August 1st, 2007

Actually, this album is not one of my favorites. It took me quite sometimes to accept their punk inclination that seems nonsense at first. Eventually I begin to comprehend that there are many things that can be enjoyed by just listening to Undisputed Attitude. Maybe this is where I learn some new stuff about punk music and its unique features.

Since I do not really remember the name of punk bands covered by Slayer, probably I just describe them as veteran ones. Well, I only have with me the regular CD version which comes with no bonus tracks; “Sick Boy” and “Memories of Tomorrow”. Anyway, the opening track is absolutely refreshing and powerful due to the first verse: “Disintegrate you bastard!!” which then followed by a layer of chugging punk riffs as if I was standing in front of punk live show. This track alone makes me want to jump up and down and bang my head like hell which as a whole, an absolutely invigorating song. What makes me surprise even for more is that, I never had idea that punk hardcore music would be this good. I wonder how the actual bands would sound like.

There’s more than meets the eye in this album. The addition of machine gun blast beats in certain songs immediately told me to listen to this album even further. Paul drumming is absolutely in its top form and every single beat could be clearly heard following his solid excellent performance in Divine Intervention. Araya’s vocals are also at its best since I could feel that he sings every song with full spirit and dedication. Just like in the third track “Abolish Government / Superficial Love” and Hanneman’s unnamed punk side projects “Can’t Stand You” and “Ddamm”. While “Abolish Government” is entirely listenable, the next rack “Can’t Stand You” is an incredible punk masterpiece and a little bit hilarious too.

“Violent Pacification” is something that I thought never got a chance to fuel my adrenalin, but this song’s cool and stylistically insane with Araya’s crispy bass volume perhaps unmatched to the original band itself. Jeff Hanneman and King are doing their job well in ensuring that their punk - inspired thrash sound never go out of style. Their riffs are convincingly suitable for this album which exhibits full fledged catchy tunes. Mostly are heavy and repetitive riffs with bass solo interludes which are apparently sticking out from the background. As for “I’m Gonna be your God” and “Richard Hung Himself” these tracks are suitable for mature audiences only! The music is typically all right but the lyrics are one of the insane ones from this album. Not for children of course.

Finally the album closes with the return of Slayer’s original output; “Gemini” is perhaps one of their slowest tracks ever in spite of Paul’s intricate and precise drumming that are abundant throughout the entire song. As usual, the black flames of riffing insanity are thundering the whole song structures from the very beginning regardless of the sluggish advancement. Araya seems to enjoy singing the verses as well as the choruses with pure relaxation as though he was drinking a glass of champagne with ease.

So how was that? Did you find this review helpful in order to consolidate your maniacal interest in Slayer’s furious intent? I hope you guys enjoy reading my review and don’t hesitate to criticize me since I’m just a green that needed someone to show me the rope.