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Slayer at their best. - 89%

MrSuicide, March 31st, 2004

Now, most people think of Reign In Blood as Slayer's best album, but I think it's their worst. Why? Because it's repetitive. it's basically the same riff over and over(Besides Raining Blood and Angel Of Death). This Album, is not. Seasons In The Abyss is my favorite Slayer album. The opener is great, there is no filler, and the last song is a great ending. The intensity is very high, especially on War Esemble, Hallowed Point and Born Of Fire.

The best part of SITA is the difference. It's way more orignal than the past two CD's they released (RIB and SOH) and has a better vibe. The production is top notch, you can hear everything. The drums sound great, the guitars have great tone, and Tom still has his voice. Dave Lombardo actually plays the drums! What I mean is, he doesn't stay to the simple Oompa Loompa beat like normal. He plays slower on some songs, and faster on others. He throws in more technical rolls, and uses more of his huge set.

Jeff and Kerry riff it up like always, but they do it a little better than normal. They seem to really put alot into this album.

Overall, it's a great CD, and a MUST have for any Thrash metal fans.