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Slayer's greatest creation - 95%

Darkwinterdweller, March 19th, 2007

Slayer has always been best known for creating the classic Reign In Blood album. Said to be a thrash masterpiece, some even go as far as to proclaim it as the greatest thrash release ever. While Reign In Blood was certainly memorable and classic, I would have to be one to argue that what we have here is even better. Seasons In The Abyss is in opinion, Slayer's greatest release, unmatched by anything they created before or after. This album is very varied when it comes to speed, some tracks are fast and vicious, while others are slow and haunting. Essentially it combines the fast and sinister nature of Reign In Blood with the slower, more sophisticated dark atmosphere of South Of Heaven.

The music here is straight forward thrash metal. The vocals here are nothing really different out of Tom Araya, which is certainly fine with me. Although they sound more like his performance on South Of Heaven, rather then his vocals on Reign In Blood. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman once again put on a great performance on guitars, with some of the most catchy and memorable riffs that they have ever produced, my personal favorite performances being on the tracks Dead Skin Mask, Spirit In Black, Skeletons Of Society, and the title track. The drums are quite aggressive, Dave Lombardo manages to come up with inventive fills that never fail to satisfy.

As stated earlier, this album is very varied when it comes to speed and aggression. We have our ruthlessly fast songs, such as War Ensemble, Hallowed Point, Spirit In Black, and Born Of Fire. Then some mid paced tracks thrown in, those being Skeletons Of Society, Blood Red, and Temptation. Then we have songs of slower tempos, such as Expendable Youth, Dead Skin Mask, and the title track. All of this variation makes sure that the listener never becomes bored of the album, as each track brings something new to the table. Definately a good move on there part. Lyrically, this is nothing new really, not that it matters, the lyrics mainly focus on war, death, and corruption. And Dead Skin Mask is of course about Ed Gein's murders.

This is truly a masterpiece they have created here, not much else to be said.