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terribly flat and mediocre - 30%

mikey22, June 3rd, 2016

This album to put it frankly just sucks. I listened to this thing twice full through and I hated it both times. First where are the great riffs? It seems Slayer just half-assed these riffs when writing them. They just used whatever unused riffs they had for previous albums, and put them here. They have no bite or menace to them, nor are they catchy at all. Paul's drumming while good is not as creative as Dave Lombardo's. Their latest albums like ,Christ illusion and World Painted Blood had great riffs and musicality. I personally enjoyed Christ Illusion a lot and World Painted Blood was a solid effort. It seems after Dave left and Jeff passed away Slayer just lost their magic touch. Slayer has become the Kerry King band where he controls everything and Kerry is no where near as good as Jeff was on the guitar nor in the songwriting area. On Christ Illusion, World Painted Blood, and God Hates Us All, Slayer had energy, heavy riffs, aggression, great aggressive vocals, and great drumming. Here well, there is none of that slayer greatness except maybe the drumming. How could I forget Tom Araya now?

Tom Araya, what happened to your voice? You sound horrible. He sounds like a chronic smoker who has severe lung and gum cancer here, and he looks like a homeless Santa Claus. His voice has gone to pure shit and his bass playing on this album is completely non-existent. I can't hear it at all. I cannot believe this turd sold 50,000 copies in its first week and charted; its just garbage. Sales then plummeted the second week to only 11,000 copies and dropped to 34th on the billboard chart. This album isn't just bad for Slayer standards it's bad for any band, with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Overkill, and Kreator still releasing great albums there is no excuse for Slayer to release this piece of shit. I feel the only reason Kerry King wrote this album was to get more money. Well, great job Kerry you earned your paycheck, but you lost your integrity, and you act like the Kanye West of metal nowadays. He always talks badly about bands better and more consistent than you (Iron Maiden for example). You act like the passing of Jeff was like a common fly died. He was quoted as saying "Jeff is worm food now." What the hell Kerry? Your main songwriter dies and you act he like he never mattered; that's just outrageous. Yes, Slayer in the early days were untouchable in my eyes, but now they just sound outdated. Plus Jeff was always the superior guitarist. I feel this album just shows that Slayer are in it for the money now with Jeff dead and Dave's departing because Kerry screwed Dave out of his money.

The lyrics also bad as well. Tom is just spewing nonsense about the "establishment" and "religious corruption." Sure he did that in every other album but the older albums have a more authentic displeasure for organized religion and society than this trite. Tom just throws around the f word so much on this album. Not anywhere near as bad as God Hates Us All in cursing but still pretty bad. It's just awful to listen to these lyrics. What happened to the dark satanic overtones or the lyrics criticizing society and the "establishment" in a genuine manner of the previous albums? In conclusion I wasn't the only one who thought this album sucked just look at the other reviewers. I think Slayer needs to hang it up, they have had an illustrious career and a great run all these years but without both Jeff and Dave they just don't have the magic touch anymore. They really sound outdated and out of ideas and they cannot keep up with the intensity of bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Aborted, Behemoth, Overkill, Kreator, or Megadeth who still surprisingly put out good material. This I feel isn't even Slayer anymore, I feel it's just the Kerry King band because now he controls the songwriting, the budgeting, who gets fired, and who stays. Kerry King and his greed have personally caused Slayer to produce worse music. This is just bad but I guess the drumming by Paul was solid, and the riffs were mediocre but other than that this is crap. The riffs are boring, solos suck, the vocals are terrible, and the bass is nonexistent. Slayer you had a great run but please just hang it up it's time.