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Repentless - 80%

Deathandthrashlover, October 9th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, CD + DVD, Nuclear Blast (Digipak, Limited Edition)

Before this album ever came out people were already dismissing it due to the absence of drummer Dave and the death of Jeff. So it came as no surprise to myself when the album finally released that it was meet with such hostility. But in reality this truly is a slayer album, just take a listen to the title track "Relentless". As it starts with a lighting fast riff, with a drums that kicks you're face in. Followed by Tom's signature shouting vocals. Yes there is no doubt that this song try's to bring back the rage and aggressiveness from Reign In Blood, and it doesn't really accomplish this, but nevertheless it's a hell of a track.

The album keeps the speed up through the first couple of tracks. Things don't change until you reach "When The Stillness Comes" when things get slowed down. With a clean guitar intro this song gets the creepy vibe going, making you feel like you're sitting in dark room but you can't shake the feeling you're not alone. This is also the first song that we really get to hear Tom's thunderous bass, and it's glorious. The serial killer lyrics only help to make this one of the best tracks on the album.

The second half of the album doesn't regain the speed the first half did, but it does get heavier. With tracks like: Chasing Death, Piano Wire, Atrocity Vendor, and You Against You. All these tracks are mid-tempo thrashers, with thick guitar tones, groove oriented drumming, and more signature slayer trade off solos. The best example is Piano Wire, this track from start to finish demands you head bang like crazy. With A slow chugging riff, to the ever thunderous drumming to Tom yelling the lyrics at you, it quickly becomes a deadly tack, and I could easily see people moshing while this song plays live.

Now that I'm done praising Repentless, this album does have its flaws. A big one is the absence of Tom's bass. Not to say its not there but for most of the album its buried in the mix. Another thing that hinders the album are the lyrics. The lyrics can feel a little juvenile on songs like Vices, and Implode. With lines like "violence is the ultimate drug/ lets get high!" can almost make you laugh. But all these things aside, this album does have some strong songs. In short, Repentless has it flaws, but can still be worthwhile.