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Criminally underrated, but not their best. - 80%

Berzerker762, March 11th, 2018

I understand this was not a perfect album, and that it was definitely not better than Reign in Blood, but I rather enjoyed this album. It's even better when you take into consideration that Slayer is older than dirt. It is a return to the angry thrash that made slayer great, but it was not perfect.

The album starts off with Delusions of the Savior as an intro track. The Intro got me pumped and excited for what was going to come next on first listen. Slayer doesn't generally do intro tracks, not that I'm aware of, but this one was very effective. The next track was the infamous prison riot thrasher Repentless. Repentless shifts into maximum overdrive, it's fast. For being 4000 years old, Araya can still scream. He's still angry, he's still loud, nothing is missing there. It's a quick moshpit song with fairly nice guitar solos, but those solos ain't nothing to write home about.

Repentless has a few good thrashers, but also some good head-bangers. Tracks like Chasing Death and Pride in Prejudice are a slower than others, but effectively so. Slayer slows their roll and plays some heavier songs reminiscent of groove metal. They play groovier, but not unappealingly so like their 90s-00s stuff. It's more of a compromise between thrash and groove. The album brings good moshing and head-banging songs to the table, but not all are great.

Most of the complaints about this album are something along the lines of "mundane, boring, and generic". While I wouldn't classify the whole album that way, there are some dreadfully boring songs, Implode and Piano Wire are fantastic examples of this. They're just looping riffs with boring vocals, reminds me of ...And Justice For All. With these songs it's like they didn't want this album, which in the interviews, looks like they didn't.

Overall it's a good album with mostly good tracks. The songs are either good or godawful, and thankfully most are the former. It's obviously not the best thing Slayer produced, with Seasons in the Abyss and Reign in Blood being the all time champions, but it's a breath of fresh air from the former style of music they chose with Diabolus in Musica and other albums we don't talk about. Repentless is a good album to end their career, a return to the style that put them into the big four. I think this album, while it has it's flaws, is awfully underrated. It's worth buying and listening to, but if you're short on cash then there are better thrash albums to buy.