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An Overrated Thrash Song Which Has Some Moments - 50%

Vaibhavjain, June 27th, 2008

Raining Blood is Slayer’s most famous track of all time. This was the last track of their breakthrough album “Reign In Blood”. Slayer is a band that has good riffs but equally bad solos. Mindless, actually one could say. I love thrash but I am not going to mindlessly orgasm on every track that is made even if its by thrash giants Slayer themselves.

The track which is a continuation off the track "Postmortem" starts of with the signature Bay Area thrash style intro (drums and guitars starting simultaneously and the vocals joining in shortly after). This continues for around 50 seconds and then it suddenly stops. The sound of rain pouring can be heard for around 30 seconds and then comes Slayer if not thrash at its peak. The effect if rain pouring is shattered by Lombardo blasting away at his drums and Kerry as well as Jeff building up the intro of probably the riff that is thrash metal at its best. This riff is extremely fast paced and is indescribable. It’s hard to believe that this is the product of the same band, which had made this extremely boring track (up till now). The riff continues for a few seconds and just when the band manages to build up this atmosphere, which they have never been able to create, their weak point once again creeps in. The solos. One just cannot help but frustrated by this tiny ordeal. The good thing is the solo is quite short and the riff, which I talked about a few lines back, starts once again. First at a slower tempo but once again hitting it’s max during the chorus during which Araya sounds surprisingly good. But once again, yes again the soloing ruins it. The solos continue but then all of a sudden it stops, right in the middle of a solo and it seems the song has an abrupt ending but no, that’s not the case. Once gain you can hear that effect of rain pouring and this continues for a minute.

This track could have been so much better if it started straight from the part where the build up to the riff starts and if they removed the part after the chorus of the track. This is exactly what another band, Vader did while covering this track in their “Lead Us EP” and I the cover tons more than the original version. It’s simply just because of the riff that Kerry came up with is the reason why I am giving this track 50%. If it weren’t for the riff, this track wouldn’t have gotten more than 20% in my book.