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Fucking brilliant thrashing madness! - 90%

Human666, July 15th, 2007

This is probably one of the most well known songs of 'Slayer', maybe even one of the most well known thrash songs ever, justifiably. This intimidating hymn is the closing track of one of the most evil, intense, brutal and influential thrash albums ever made. So yeah, only by it's honorable capacity you can guess that this is one has a pretty lethal riffage which isn't recommended for fragile necks!

This monster rushes immediately with tremolo picked riffing, not longer 'Araya' whips intensively the lyrics in extremely fast tempo, and suddenly everything stops! Did they lost their power? Did their right hand had suddenly exploded and flied away to china due to their continuous riff annihilation in the former twenty four minutes of 'Reign In Blood'? Hell no.

Suddenly comes a sound sample of rain (which raining blood, I guess) and after that comes a topnotched, quality, evil riff which builds a piece of terrifying atmosphere. Then the riffing played at breakneck speed again and not later comes another awesome catchy riff, evil as the former one. There are some tempo changes later and different variations of the former riffs and chaotic, destructive soloing which ends this song in a powerful way.

Overall, well composed song, great structure and the riffage is just excellent. One of Slayer's best songs, and an excellent way to close one of the most bloody thrash albums ever made.