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Best off the album. - 86%

1stMetalheads, September 20th, 2008

Despite being feature on GH3 *shudders*, Raining Blood is the best and most innovative song off of the (almost) same-named album. The riffs are much more innovative than the other songs, and happen to be both catchy and evil-sounding. This, along with the aforementioned appearance, have been the main contribution to this being Slayers most popular song.

Bleeding through from Postmortem, RB starts out with, appropriately, the sound of rain. In the background, the guitar provides the dark atmosphere, while Dave Lombardo gives one of his rare thundering, but slow drum-beats. Then, comes in the main riff. This moment is roughly comparable to the opening of Hell Awaits (though not as great), the atmosphere of evil coming from this part really sets the mood in the right place. After that comes some more riffs, not quite so good, or nearly as fitting, but still good nonetheless, after that it goes pretty much into typical Slayer stuff.

One more thing going for this song, is that Tom Araya doesn't plague it that much with his boring vocal style. When he does come up he's much more tolerable than on the rest of the album, with a venomous voice that does a good, though not great job of fitting the atmosphere of the song.

The only complaint however, is the mandatory solo by King. I'm not particularly a fan of his style, and there could be a much better way to end the album than ANOTHER one of his solos. That said however, it doesn't ruin the song, and Hannemans riffing still remains excellent. This song is a great starting point for Slayer if you happen to be new to this type of music, and I'd recommend it to a noobie any day.