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Sheer Brilliance - 92%

iheartbbirks, April 7th, 2011

For saying that i am a huge Slayer fan, and therefore should not really have a favourite single they have released, this one comes mighty close. This song may as well be progressive metal-listen to the intro compared to the finish.

The bass to this song is fantastic. Tom Araya is a near perfect bassist, and this song just shows it. His vocal performance is one of his best, from the slow, haunting singing in the first half of the song to the hundred miles per hour spitting towards the end.

The guitar duo, Kerry King and Jeff, are absolutely spectacular on this song, not wasting time on tuneless solo, but focussing on the riffing, which is what matters.

The drumming is by far Dave Lombardo's finest hour. This drum piece is spectacular.

Overall, this is a single that should not be missed out on. I recommend it to everybody, as it progresses incredibly from slow sections to the heavy section at the end.