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Great concert video! - 85%

Shovel, April 29th, 2003

Slayer's "Live Intrusion" is a concert video with a bit of off stage antics thrown in between songs. They perform nicely, and show their lighter side when they aren't kicking ass on the stage.

They open up with Raining Blood, which is the perfect opener. Everyone knows the opening "duh duh duh...... duh duh duh....." to the song, and the crowd stirs with anticipation. When the song kicks into gear, the band bang the shit out of their head, and the crowd joins in.

The song turns into Killing Fields after the lyrics are done, and they pull off a nice transition.

They then play War Ensemble, which of course, the crowds goes crazy for.

Next they play At Dawn They Sleep, which is a bit boring. Tom starts chanting "KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL" during the song, which sort of sounds retarded.

The concert goes on, with most of the songs kicking ass (exceptions being Divine Intervention and 213).

They pull off most of the songs nicely. The drumming is a bit flat at times, but what do you expect from Bostaph? Five (out of fifteen) songs are off of Divine Intervention, which sort of sucks, but you get the classics thrown in between.

Near the end of the video they play Witching Hour (Venom), along with members of Machine Head. They perform great, considering there are about six people playing the song when only three did it originally.

The off stage antics are great. You'll see everything from signings (and people being thrown out of signings...) to pranks on people sleeping, to backstage games, to airplane boredom gone wrong. It looks like Slayer could compete against SoD for their backstage antics.