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Thrashier... but better? - 80%

fear_the_riffer, August 29th, 2004

Haunting The Chapel is very good for an EP and an introduction to heavier thrash metal but it's a weak follow-up to Show No Mercy, which is a speed/thrash classic in my opinion. Anyway, let's get to the music and the band's performace:

Tom Araya: His bass playing can be heard better here but his voice is not as good as previous Slayer songs. His screams are less, and he sings even faster.
Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King: The guitar team focuses on playing heavier on this album and playing wilder solos which turn out to be very weak compared to the leads on Show No Mercy. But anyway, their rhythm playing is still very tight and precise.
Dave Lombardo: The drummer's performance is still very strong. Here, he throws more fills and his drumming is more varied.

I have a few comments about the songs:

Chemical Warfare: is a straight-forward thrasher which has tons of riffs and a catchy chorus. King's solo is very weak on this track and the song gets a little boring after a while.

Captor Of Sin: the highlight of the album. It might not be as heavy as Chemical Warfare, but it has the exciting speed metal influence similar to some songs on Show No Mercy.

Haunting The Chapel: starts off with a crushing riff, but the song gets very repetitive. The lyrics here are kind of un-inspired too.

Aggressive Perfector: the other highlight of the album! Seriously, this song is perfect in everyway: it's fast, heavy, and the leads are much more creative. Even Tom Araya's singing is perfect.

Bottom Line: Captor Of Sin, and Aggressive Perfector are two of Slayer's best songs which must be heard and Chemical Warfare is a popular Slayer classic. So, I recommend getting this EP.