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*orgasmic sigh* - 100%

corviderrant, July 21st, 2004

I screwed up the first time, so this is the review that needs publishing--my bad!

Anyway, this is easily one of the greatest recordings in the history of thrash metal, pure and simple. This pioneering band of Angelenos tore it up but hard and laid the foundation for numerous other bands that followed with this EP, and it is both short and sweet as well as utterly monstrous and brutal as it gets. Any longer and this would have been too much to bear!

"Chemical Warfare": Nuff sed. The guitar tone is one of the most evil and sinister ever recorded, chugging out that delicious chugging open-E string riff (well, E-flat in Slayer's case) that lets you know that you are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E from the get go. The drums kick in alongside the bass, building to a crescendo, then...BAM! That snare hit breaks it up and along comes the storm of riffing! Brilliant lyrics and Araya's vocals snarl and spit them out with vicious contempt, and the soloing is some of the best King & Hannemann ever laid down. The ending is one of the best noisy crashing finales ever, as well, up there with Manowar's "Thor, The Power Head" and "Black Wind, Fire, And Steel".

"Captor Of Sin": Slower and *slightly* more subdued, but one of the ultimate headbanging riffs ever in the verses and chorus. Simple and effective, and when it picks up speed it kills, as you may imagine. Evil Satanic lyrics and more contemptuous snarling from Araya, along with just plain intensity that owns you from start to finish!

"Haunting The Chapel": Aw, yeah!!! Yet another amazing opening riff leading into a turbulent, churning verse, which ultimately leads into--wait for it--MORE relentless thrashing for you to break your neck to! Killer soloing on this track too, and if this track doesn't get your pulse pounding within seconds of beginning, you are dead. That's it, that's all she wrote.

"Aggressive Perfector": Meh, typical early thrash stuff, but still pretty decent anyway by the standards of the time. Good catchy chorus, of all things, on this tune! The intro is overlong, but I'll cut 'em slack for that given the Godliness of the rest of this EP.

Buy this. That's all. Buy this opening torrent of one of the mightiest and most influential bands in American metal's history!!! "Show No Mercy" was an OK debut, but it was this and "Hell Awaits" that got Slayer's ball rolling like a Mack truck back then!