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Interesting... - 83%

Snxke, July 20th, 2004

This little single pack comes across more like an EP than the regular "one track" single as it has no less than two unreleased songs tagged on. The production is quite strong, despite what many have claimed on the guitars are meaty, smooth and in your face.

-God Send Death: This song is CLASSIC Slayer. Dueling solos, hammering riffs and lyrics about God, pain and the tearing loose of eyeballs. What more can a Slayer fan ask for? The riffs own, the drumming is beast-like, and the overall mood is one of confusion of violence. Kudos to Slayer for allowing us occasional glimpses at why Slayer is Slayer...even today.

-Scarstruck: What a great title and a good song. Unlike Addict which kind of wore on me a bit this song kicks along with some decent hooks/riffs in the Slayer mold. This could have made the album had they bumped one of the previously released songs like "Here Comes the Pain".

-Addict: Not as good as "Scarstruck", but still interesting. The riffwork is a little static for me, but overall cool. Lyrically, it's not half as interesting as "Scarstruck". If this had made the record it would have been the ultimate filler track, but in the scheme of an EP it works out well.

This is a "must own" for Slayer fanatics and a curiousity piece for everyone else. While "God Send Death" is the standout piece (hence why it actually made the record) the other two have worthy attritbutes that any other metal fan may enjoy.

I am not on the "hate Slayer for changes sake" bandwagon, and this works out well enough to be bought in the used bin or scored off e-bay.