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Slayer hates the trends - 86%

skolnick, February 12th, 2003

Well, this is definitively not Slayer's best we have heard but surely it isn't the worst. Ok...once more, and I start to find this hilarious, not pathetic anymore because I can only laugh with such lack of musical comprehension by some... I find it very difficult that most bands (except for those losers called Manowar...) manage to keep playing the same shit years after years after years, without giving a turning point in their sound. Well, all bands eventually do that with time, some of them taking longer than others, but they always manage to progress a little bit. That's what music is all about...progression, evolution and the attempt to discover a new direction. We can't expect that most bands that have so much influential musicians, always learning new stuff every day and progressing towards a new direction, keep playing the same shit twenty years in a row just to please their fans...Open your ears, stop being puritanical, and accept the reality that music, like everything in life needs a breath of fresh air, live and deal with it, or even try to enjoy the new styles...

Slayer have evolved in the last years, always managing to give us some good and new experiences in the area of metal, yet being able to stay faithful to their style and fans. "Reign in Blood" was good, but it's a dead era now, accept it, and welcome the new "God Hates us All" Slayer.
This is a different Slayer, with a really deep and hard style and a new sense of production, that ended up as being beneficial to their sound, managing to stay apart from the raw and brutal style of "Diabolus in Musica", evolving towards a more sharped sonority.
It's great because I’ve never heard Jeff and Kerry strike those guitars in such a heavy low tone, and this is probably one of the most heavy guitar sounds ever heard in a Slayer record. Paul Bostaph was always competent doing his task of destroying completely his drum kit and buying some new skins and cymbals every day (he had to, with the intensity he stroke the drums they should have been destroyed by the end of the day...). Good and effective drumming.
The only low point (but almost insignificant one...) is that singing by Tom Araya, or should I say screaming, that although not being bad, it could be better on those songs with one of the "Seasons" or "South" vocal work. And finally...yes...finally we start to hear some bass by Slayer, as Araya really proved his point on this record...after almost fifteen years, it starts to have its presence...better late than never.

Slayer turning into pussies or being commercial or even (my god...) beginning to turn into some sell-outs???? Well, hear songs like "Disciple", "God Send Death", "Exile", "War Zone" or even the brutal "Payback" to see if that is a possibility to occur in the future...This is really some of their best stuff!!!!

"Cast Down", "Seven Faces", "Bloodline" or even "Here Comes the Pain" are also some nice experiences and what I could say that is a little bit at average standards is "Threshold", "Deviance" and "New Faith".

The lyrical work is all practically the same thing in the whole record: I HATE GOD, GOD HATES ME, I HATE YOU ALL, GOD HATES US ALL, I HATE, GOD HATES, I HATE, GOD HATES, I HATE MY NEIGHBOUR, GOD HATES MY DOG...basically all of what dwelled in Kerry King( and this guy has to be a hell of a catholic person to speak like this...)'s mind. For me the lyrics are the only weak point of this record, and although some of the things being really relevant, others are pure crap...

Well, if you are open minded, I think you'll like this and it's a good item, especially with the original "butchered bible" cd package, to get. Puritanical fanatics...I will not even try…it does not worth what you want to do, buy it or not… it's your choice...