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Lame - 30%

Uom, March 20th, 2006


Lame lame lame! This album is a frustrating listen. The nayslayers who believed the band is washed up are actually true! The production is a lot crispier and crunchier compared to the polished, Rick Rubin style. However, Tom Araya’s voice becomes more annoying, not that they were good even before he started singing them. Gone are the blood-curdling screams that gives metal boys a boner every time they hear them (“Angel of Death”, “Necrophobic”, “Aggressor Perfector”). Although I appreciate that Mr. Araya attempts the high-pitched scream, particularly on “God Send Death”, it just doesn’t feel right anyway. And “Seven Faces”. Especially “Seven Faces”. His ear-raping introductory scream sounds like he just lost the winner lotto ticket. Just horrible.
Music-wise, I’ll start with the positive. “Discipline” is a decent thrash attack track that gets the album off well enough to get others to listen the next track, “God Send Death”, which is also good in a way. Both track also reintroduces the frenetic soloing sorely lacking on the previous release. “New Faith” is fine, although straightforward track, which contains the cheesy line, ‘I keep the Bible in a pool of blood so that none of its lies can affect me’. I just don’t know why people go apeshit with that line.
Now, on with the bad, which is pretty much everything else. It seems that the songs are made in an attempt to make Slayer relevant in the current times, where bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne, and other groove-laden rock outfit tailor their music into prepackaged, commercially angst-ridden music. But just like ‘Diabolus In Musica’, ‘God Hates Us All’ gained little fans from that target market, but lost a lot a followers from the metal scene. This is simply not the Slayer that everybody loved. Everybody blames Kerry King for writing crappy song, but I feel everybody in the band should take the brunt as well for having released the song at their consent. Not that they are expected to release the same material from the past, but at least they could have made it better! ‘Threshold’ just sounds disinterested in coming up with more than three riffs for the whole song. ‘Bloodline’ is bored out of its skull, and the sinister effect of the song just doesn’t cut it. ‘Exile’ is actually Pantera-Shattered, although mildly interesting, is just as disjointed, along with ‘Cast Down’.
Everybody still respects Slayer, to an extent, especially with what they have accomplished in the past. But they’re turning out to be the next Metallica. A lot of hopefuls still believe they can return to past glory, but hoping just deepens the wounds, because it looks like they’re not going in that direction. Ultimately disappointing.