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Slayer hates their fans - 14%

UltraBoris, May 17th, 2004

If they release this sort of feces, that is.

This is a pretty bad album, even by punk rock standards. There's hardly any metal to be found here - a riff here and there, but for the most part, this is bad modern punk, which has as little to do with the Ramones as it does with classic Slayer.

The production is absolutely terrible. Tom Araya's vocals appear as though they have completely gone down the shitter (not true, he is still halfway decent live, but I think after listening to that distortion for a few minutes, even my hair turned orange and even my pants baggified themselves!), and the songwriting is a disaster. The riffs are far simpler and more repetitive than ever before, and the guitar tone is pretty terrible too. The lyrics have gone from frightening (Hell Awaits era) to just plain stupid - it's clear to see that this band is desperately running out of ideas. (Then again, anyone that admits to being influenced by Slipknot is a few ideas short of a creativity consulting firm to begin with!)

There is the occasional decent moment, but even that is just a shadow of even Divine Intervention. Take the opening track, Disciple, which really gets going with the under-verse riffage, and then goes "pfftt!" with that fecal chorus. Yes, I know god hates at least some of us, but could you please shut the fuck up now? Oh yeah, and this has just about the WORST thrash break ever in the history of the world. I didn't think it to be possible, but they fucked up a thrash break, turning it into more idiotic Hatebreed-styled screaming. Raining Blood called. It wants to have been written by a different band.

The moments then get even fewer and even farther between from here... God Send Death starts off cool, and is even okay when it gets fast, other than the complete neutering done by the production... the vocals suck so goddamn hard, and the guitars lack any aggression whatsoever. Remember when they had that monstrous effect going on in songs like Born of Fire? Well, not any more... this album is strung together by vocal passages, with the guitars playing an incidental role only.

New Faith would be a cool song, as it's got a pretty catchy chorus for once, except under it, the guitars are complete noise and it is the vocals that carry the rhythm and the melody (especially in that "I see the bible in the pool of blood" section). And throw in another pretty pathetic thrash break. I mean this song has more riffs than the rest of the album combined, but fucken A, what sort of genius came up with screaming "yargh, new faith" a few times at the ... end? Thrash breaks are supposed to be good, and in the middle. Riiiiight. Back to the drawing boards. Oh, and Kerry, take Slipknot's cock out of your mouth and put on Hell Awaits again.

This is a really, really painful listen. The occasional okay riff comes through for literally three seconds, and then is forgotten again. The rest of the songs aren't even worth mentioning, really. Cast Down is misplaced mallcore worship, with that completely fucking awful vocal delivery. But hey, at least they throw in that two-note Raining Blood riff. For one second. Threshold? What the fucking christ?
Exile? Ehh?? Bloodline??? Cunting fuck, those terrorists really won on 9/11 - they took down our buildings, and allowed this album to be released.

I got a free copy of this once. I gave it to my Slipknot loving friend. He dug the fuck out of it. Enough said.