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Good...but not great... - 80%

Snxke, May 25th, 2004

This is one mixed bag of a record. While being HIGHLY well produced (much better than the awful sound on the last record) and interesting on the ears, the song writing cannot decide on a consistent idea OR a consistent level of qaulity. Slayer have managed to catch up in terms of production to the almighty new days but some of the songs seem sloppy. It's almost as if Slayer is wanting to charge somewhere as quicky and devastatingly as possible but somehow got distracted along the way. (The flow of the album is that stunted sadly...a new song order could have helped!)

The band cinches in with its now typical thrash attack on such songs as “God Send Death” and “Bloodline” while others such as “Threshold” and “Seven Faces” try new styles before evolving into useless toxic crud. Other high spots are the descending "Cast Down", the smashing "New Faith" and the thrashy speed of "Exile". All these songs have strong points and should not be overlooked by any Slayer fans. (Sadly tracks like "Here Comes the Pain" and "Seven Faces" offer the fan little to crow about at all.)

Pick it up if you like the newer sounds Slayer have been pumping out such as "Divine Intervention".