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Slayer hates you all. - 55%

Slayer213, August 1st, 2004

Well, this album is very controversial, loved by some, hated by the others. Let's see what Slayer offers on it.

After a little intro that was not essential we come into the first song: "Disciple". The riffs are good, the lyrics too, justifying the title of the album. It's well play and the first thing that comes to mind is that Tom yells like a madman, the voice is too distorted. Catchy end in that particular song.

Then the second song: Cool intro with some cool effect by Jeff I think, after that all we hear is recycled old Slayer riffs, well played, with good lyrics, but recycled riffs. After that song all begins to fall, but falling very deep. The third song "New Faith" begins with a cool riff, which reminds me a lot of "Symptom of The Universe" of Black Sabbath with some good very fast thrash breaks, but we have heard these riffs before again guys! The problem comes with the chorus, I can't tell what is played, it's just three chord repeated with Bostaph massacring his toms, with Tom yelling more and more with a lot of distortion, especially in the part "I keep the bible in a pool of blood". After that the song seems to be very disorganized, only carried by Toms vocals.

The next song, "Cast Down" is very boring, I always skip this one, it sounds like a slow hardcore song, with a little mallcore influence and no solos.

Then the song "Threshold": the first time I heard it I couldn't believe it was Slayer, it was a brutal version of bands like Disturbed etc... Good drums by Bostaph and then Tom who seems to try (and fortunately fails) to sing like a hip hop singer (or maybe he tries to imitate the Disturbed singer, I don't know), it's maybe catchy but the lyrics are very silly and again there are no solos.

Then "Exile", a fast song, but again ruined by silly lyrics, with all these "fucks" . What did you smoke Kerry? It's strange but it's catchy in spite of the lyrics.

Then "Seven Faces", a simple intro with a lot of effect which give a dark and evil atmosphere, but ruined by Tom's scream: a very distorted growl with a lot of effects at the end. Why do you continue to try to scream Tom? It's been a long time that you're no more able to do your crazy screams like the one on Angel Of Death... After that intro, good vocals and better lyrics but an hardcore riff, slow and boring all along. This song is just a filler.

Then "Bloodline", good song, but the intro riffs sounds a lot like some riffs of Seasons in the Abyss, it's again made of recycled riffs with some good thrash rythm during the verses and chorus. The lyrics are better.

After "Bloodline" we come into "Deviance" which sounds a lot like "Seven Faces", with recycled riffs taken of South Of Heaven, mixed with slow hardcore riffs. Without Tom's yelling you'll certainly sleep while hearing it...

Maybe to try to wake us after the sleepy Deviance, they come into a fast song called War Zone. It begins with thrash riffs played very very fast that we've (again) already heard before, and during the verse it's made like a technical version of a Slipknot song with (again) Tom yelling.... Horrible but that works well, strange no?!

After this one they want to make you sleep again before the end with Here Comes The Pain, after a boring intro with Jeff and Kerry taking fun on their wah pedals we come into a song which really looks like a slow Hatebreed's song with Tom yelling at the chorus. Then we come into recycled riffs from South Of Heaven for the last verse and solo and come back to the Hatebreed's song.

The last song is a very fast one, all made with recycled riffs but played on a down tuned guitar, like a Slipknot's song. If you thought that you've found the worst lyrics with Threshold and Exile you were wrong. The lyrics here are just "fuck, fuck, fuck, motherfucker" but strangely it's very catchy. I think because Kerry was very influenced by shitty lyrics of the mallcore band Slipknot.

So I give a 55 because it's well played (especially the drums) but that the album is really Anger and Hate, Slayer really hates us all, it's Slayer after all. But I have to tell some things to Kerry, Jeff and Tom:
First Kerry stop sucking Slipknot's ass and you're lyrics we'll be better, don't put to much hardcore influences and Kerry and Jeff, don't recyclate so much your past riffs, we want real new stuffs. And Tom don't yell all the time, and don't try to scream anymore, if you took care of your voice you wouldn't have all these problems with it....