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Evolution - 75%

Reinardo, August 24th, 2005

Slayer is aggression, but the problem is everytime they change they're trying to improve their music, the fans get pissed off. People were pissed off with South of Heaven (now considered as a masterpiece), now people are pissed off with god hates us all.

This is certainly not the best slayer album, but it is aggressive, thrashy (thrash-core), good lyrics, slayer solo's and off course hate and blasphemy. The reason why it sounds more hardcore is because of Araya's voice. The man is getting older, and when he tries to scream Halford-alike like on Angel of death intro-scream, he sounds like a chicken getting fucked in the ass. It's for the best he changed his voice, or it would have been emberassing.

Disciple is a tremendous song, a bid hardcore, lots of thrash and totally slayer.

'Homocide, suicide,
hate heals you should try it sometime
strive for peace with acts of war
the beauty of death we all adore
i have no faith, distracting me,
i know why your prayers will never be answered
god hates us all'


'Wake the fuck up cant ignore what i say
i got my own philosphy
i hate everyone equally
you cant tear that out of me
no segregation, seperation
just me in my world of enemies'

are excellent lyrics.

God Send Death and New Faith are good songs, with good solos. Threshold has brilliant parts and has slipknot parts, but exile is the worst slayer song ever. It just sounds too slipknot.

Then the sound changes again: seven faces sounds very good, with an agressive doom-riff (remembers me of gates of slumber). Bloodline is a typical song on this album, then the next 3 songs are pure agression and hate, Deviance, war zone and Here comes the pain. These are very good songs, especially here comes the pain, which represents the new slayer (thrashcore)sound the best. The last song, payback, tries to be old school slayer, but it is just a bad copy from Angel of Death.

I hope the next slayer album will be more thrashy, sounding like reign in blood or seasons in the abyss, but this is an owkay album! Remove Exile and Payback and it is even excellent!