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Mallcore you say? - 58%

Mortido, July 28th, 2003

Ok, I've been listening to this album alot now, and I'm getting tired of it. I would say Slayer passed their undeniably lowest point in that terrible Diabolus in Musica, and even though this is no great album, it's a masterpiece in comparison to Diabolus. Most old Slayer songs sound pretty same, and because of that, I think it's right that Slayer keep looking for a new sound, and I think they have already created an interesting rusty scrap metal sound. Thus, in the process of trying something new, they are now unfortunately producing lots of shitty songs.

This CD's got much better songs than Diabolus. Disciple, War Zone and Bloodline are highlights of this current maximum-yelling sound they are trying out. Disciple is catchy and the screaming sounds angrier than anything I've heard, and it's not repetitive like some people say; the chorus (which is great) only comes around 2 times and new riffs are introduced, so if you want repetitive, you should listen to Maiden's Brave New World - that's fucking repetitive. There's excessory use of the word "fuck"; Kerry King he said he wanted to write the lyrics on this in the way people talk normally; in some songs it sounds straight-to-the-point, but in others like Payback it sounds like they use the word as a substitute for having to make up more lyrics. But lyrics have never been very important to Slayer. War Zone is short and direct, no bullshit; it's heavy and has an interesting rusty sound, which Metallica tried but failed to create on St. Anger. Bloodline is like a sequel to the song "Seasons in the Abyss", and it's like Empire Strikes Back - good sequel.

God Send Death is OK but about as just repetitive as The Wicker Man and no more, and I didn't like New Faith before, but after listening to it 10 times, I found it to be somewhat interesting. Here Comes the Pain is trashier than anything on St. Anger, interesting but no work of genius. Listening to this album straight through is pretty monotonous, though, and some of the most monotonous and weak song to me are Threshold which sounds Korny, Seven Faces which has boring riffs, and Deviance is slow and numbing, and the rest of the songs are quite forgettable.

The sound is heavier than Slayer have ever sounded and certainly 10 times heavier than St. Anger, although it's not nearly as speedy and "melodic" as Reign in Blood. Tom Araya's vocals are violent screaming all the time; yeah, sometimes there's too much screaming and you can't listen to them if you have a headache, but I kinda rather like the screaming than some of the his "singing" on Seasons in the Abyss (the album). The guitars don't sound too crisp, but still, listening to Slayer from studio albums has always sucked compared to the live wargasm. I really don't know many other bands which have had shittier production on studio albums than Slayer.

And for your information, I don't hate "mallcore"... just as long as Slayer doesn't sound like Limp Bizkit, I'm relieved. God Hates Us All doesn't sound much "mallcore" like you claim, with the exception of a couple of songs - much less "mallcore" than Metallica's riffless St. Anger piece of shit.

But still, here you have an album with the amount of good songs of an average 90's Maiden album. A couple of good ones, and many songs which sound kinda "lazy".