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"Slipknot called. They want their album back!" - 40%

Metdude, September 20th, 2006

Because it sounds as though they were the ones who made it. That’s right, folks. Slayer have really gone down the deep end with this one. I thought Diabolus In Musica was pretty mediocre but this one manages to be even worse! This time, there’s only a couple of good songs and only one of them really stands out.

The first song, Disciple, is by far the best song on here. It's got the album's best riffs and Tom Araya actually manages to sound alright on this one. The same can't be said for later songs but we'll get to that in due course. The main problem I have with this album starts to become apparent here. The lyrics. Sure, Slayer have never had truly amazing lyrics but they are capable of doing better than this! The worst thing is the use of excessive swearing. Slayer have used swearing before on previous album but here it's just overkill! It seems like they're using it just to fill in the blanks for lyrics (Payback is the worst offender).

The second song, God Send Death is also fairly good. The lyrics are probably the best on the album and it definitely has the best solo section. Good stuff. After this however, you might as well stop listening to the CD because you've heard the best this has to offer. The only other decent song on here is Bloodline. Tom Araya put in his best vocal performance of the album and his voice doesn't have the annoying distortion that plagues many of the songs on here. He sounds pretty tired on this album for the most part. And he really should stop trying to do high pitched screams because he clearly can't do that well anymore. Seven Faces is proof of that.

Aside from the songs I mentioned earlier, this album has some very nu-metal sounding riffs. Threshold is the most nu-metal song on here. It's not quite the worst thing on here though. That honour would go to such boring songs as Cast Down and Deviance. This is some of the most awful material in the band's entire catalogue. Payback sounds like Slipknot's attempt to cover something from Reign In Blood. If it was played in standard tuning and had different lyrics, it might have not been so bad. As it stands, it's a pretty weak ending to the album.

Don’t bother buying this album. This is the only studio album of theirs which really is not worth having. Diabolus In Musica isn’t much better but at least it has decent lyrics and a few more good songs. Just download Disciple, God Send Death and maybe Bloodline and forget about the rest.