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Showing 'dem kidz how to play rough - 34%

Antilith, November 27th, 2017

So if I get this right, by the time bands like Linkin Park, Slipknot and Machine Head became popular, the older metal bands like Slayer, Sepultura and even Kreator and several others went a bit crazy about these new styles called groove and nu metal, and the fact that bands with almost no skilled musicians and extremely predictable and dull songs became extremely famous.

So already in 1998 Slayer tried to get a piece of the cake with their album Diabolus in Musica, which sounded like a total catastrophe if you keep in mind that this band wrote albums like Show No Mercy, South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss. But in 2001 they've totally killed it with God Hates Us All. Slayer just betrayed their own style by replacing anything that was in a way sophisticated and needed more that 3 months of guitar lessons with loudness war production and totally dumb Slipknot style riffs.

Well, you can say, at least Slayer showed the world that when it comes to hard and loud music, they still rule the scene, and I guess if you would have played this album to a Slipknot or Machine Head fan back then, while listening to this, he would have peed in his pants. But I doubt that if it comes to Slayer it just isn't enough to scare off little kiddies and show everyone how to make a savage album simply with beating the shit out of the instruments and setting the record devices to max volume.

What annoys me most is that none of these songs has any decent solo. All solos they have here are totally dumb guitar choking noise making where you just ask yourself if that was actually necessary. Sometimes bands just let out solos if they don't know what to play, and I guess even nobody who actually likes this album would have missed these stupid solos.

So in the end Slayer may have won the battle against the newer metal genres, but the price for this, meaning that they have abandoned everything that makes them the band they are, being good musicians, just was too high. Here you have an album with 43 minutes of mid-age musicians going full retard while ranting about god and religious stuff like Alex Jones does in his show, but from these 43 minutes there is nothing that remained in your ear and you can see no reason to listen to any of these songs again. Exceptions are maximum 5 second long intro passages like the kickass opening riff from Disciple or War Zone. But thanks to Slayer, even these riffs start to suck after these 5 seconds because instead of adding any variety in it, like at least some altered drumming after the 10th repetition of that riff, they just repeat it and repeat it until you either skip the track, or you lost your brain to all of this dullness.

If you like bands like Slipknot, newer Sepultura, Machine Head or even System of a Down, I'm sure you'll dig this album and will marry it after the 10th listen. But if you have listened to one of the first 5 albums of Slayer, you won't stand any of these songs for longer than about 1 minute without being totally annoyed.