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This is pretty OK - 69%

MorbidAtheist666, June 8th, 2006

The only shitty part about getting this EP was going into the mallcore infested store Hot Topic. That will be the last time I will ever step foot into that store. There was an aggrivated employee in the back of the cashier while I purchased this EP. He thought I was stupid for buying it. I'm not, I have no regrets buying this EP at all.

Now on to the music. Cult is a really great song. The sound production of the song is great. It starts off with something similar to what a modern hard rock band might do. The guitar doesn't sound that great in the beginning with the cymbal work going on. It gets better as Dave Lombardo's assault and batter begins and the guitar riff sounds better. The drums start to get better too. When Tom Araya delivers his awesome vocals, it sounds like good ol' thrash metal. The guitars and drums sound really thrashy at this point. The best thrash metal guitar duo execute with great speed. It is not Reign in Blood-like, however it is somewhat standard for Slayer. The first guitar solo also sounds somewhat standard for Slayer. It was just short and sweet guitar solo. It could of been a little bit longer. The guitar solo that ends the song doesn't really make up for it.

The lyrics sound a little bit childish, but it is straight forward. I get the message very clearly and I think 5 years olds can get it too. Kerry King could of wrote slightly better lyrics. C'mon, dude! The drums are the most superior aspect of the song. Lombardo returns to Slayer and he really rocks. He never disappoints me.

The videos on this EP are OK. They could of put more footage of the behind the scenes video with Slayer in the studio. I was thinking it would be the one I saw on the internet, but with more added. Nope, it's the video many Slayer fans downloaded. The only thing is, the quality is much superior. The video with Slayer performing War Ensemble is pretty good. As always the band was ultra energetic along with the crowd was really into it.

I'm sure the newest Slayer will be pretty cool. After listening to Cult a few times, I think the album will be worthwhile. I will be buying the new album the day it comes out.