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“Still kicking ass during the grunge years!” - 72%

Metdude, April 8th, 2007

This is the first Slayer album I ever heard and I’ve always had a soft spot for it. Divine Intervention is the first of three studio albums which do not feature Dave Lombardo on drums. Paul Bostaph steps in instead and proves to be a worthy replacement. The intro to Killing Fields is proof of that. However, Lombardo is a legend for a reason and his presence here is sorely missed.

The best song on here is Killing Fields which gets the album off to a great start. The lyrics are easily the best on the album and the song does a great job of beating the listener over the head with riffs. Dittohead is close behind with it's neck-breaking intensity. Definitely their fastest song since the Reign In Blood days.

Those are the two really memorable songs from the album. The rest are good songs for the most part but don't rank among the band's finest moments. Serenity In Murder is probably my favourite of these songs. It's actually a bit different from other Slayer songs up to this point with it's use of distortion effects on Tom's voice. This would become more evident on the next few albums and become ever more annoying but that's another story.

213 and Divine Intervention are solid mid-paced songs particularly the former with it's macabre lyrics about Jeffrey Dahmer. As other reviewers have mentioned, the "I need a friend....please be my companion" bit is rather silly but it's not enough to totaly ruin the song. The only other song worth mentioning is Sex, Murder, Art. This is the most brutal song on the album after Dittohead and while it is a nice little number, it's too short! Just as you're getting into it, it ends abruptly. It could have been at least a minute longer! The remaining songs are nothing horrible but they're all pretty forgettable. Fictional Reality is a bit more memorable than some of the others but even that song is kinda generic.

This album was pretty underrated for some years after it’s release until God Hates Us All came out and it started to look like Reign In Blood in comparison. Although it's not one of Slayer's best albums, it's still a fun listen and it's far better than the two albums that followed it. If you have Slayer's first five albums, I'd recommend getting this.