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It's a pity... - 40%

evermetal, October 12th, 2009

Slayer are one of the few bands that have earned the respect of all metal fans. No matter what their favorite genres are, power, progressive, death or black, they accept Slayer as the top extreme metal band. Therefore every new album they are about to release is awaited with great eagerness and anxiety. Such were my feelings for Diabolus In Musica, the successor to Divine Intervention, which to be honest hadn’t lived to my expectations but still, was rather good. Bearing in mind that the in-between release, Undisputed Attitude was something they did just for fun, I prayed this time I would listen to the good old Slayer. What a fool I’ve been!

This album is the total disappointment, the end of Slayer if I may say so. Where is the thrash metal in here? Where are the spiting fire guitars and the machine-gun drums? Where are the vomiting vocals by Tom Araya, the once master of screams? Where are the songs meant to make you suffer severe head and neck injuries from the non-stop headbanging? Where is the Slayer we knew and worshiped?

I am sorry to say it but they are dead or if you prefer they are catching their final breath. Slayer have sold their souls to the altar of hardcore (!!) and have disgraced all of us, who stood by them through all those years. I never believed they would come to the point to sound like Suicidal Tendencies or I don’t know what the fuck else. The only one I don’t blame for this is Bostaph. His role in the band is insignificant and he is there just to play the drums. They might as well have used a drum machine. Men, Dave Lombardo was very clever to step away.

What we had heard in Divine… is now in full development. The glorious, deadly thrash riffs have given their place to hardcore themes and tunes. Araya’s vocals are cold and dead. They no more send shivers down your spine. Instead they wanna make you scratch your balls out of boredom. Most of the songs are soulless and completely dull. They are based upon the same structure. Slow intros, then they go hard-shit-core. At some point they throw us a bit of thrash to fool us like a bone thrown to a dog to trick its hunger. Then they wrap it up in a nice hardcore pack end everything is well. Most of the people I know that listen to hardcore liked this album a lot. Does that tell you something?

There are only a few songs that remain out of this shit-hole. The opening track, Bitter Peace is quite good with sharper guitars and a more “thrashy” feeling. Also Overt Enemy and Scrum are closer to the spirit of the old greatness than the shit-ness I experienced with the rest.

I have Diabolus In Musica on tape and I have written at the end of the tape the track Lesbian Show by Nightfall from Greece. THIS is the best song of the tape!! I’ll say no more out of respect for what Slayer used to be. Slayer R.I.P.