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“Uh…is this Slayer?” - 54%

Metdude, September 20th, 2006

While not quite as bad as the album that follows it, Diabolus In Musica is pretty forgettable. It seems Slayer have attempted to make an album that sounds like Korn or System Of A Down. A lot of the thrash is gone in favour of groove riffs that sound like watered down Pantera. An unfortunate turn of events considering the quality of their earlier work.

Things start off well enough with Bitter Peace. The beginning is pretty slow and it starts to become boring after about a minute. Thankfully, the song really picks up at the 1:33 mark and it thrashes along quite nicely. It’s definitely the highlight here. The next six songs vary in quality from average (Stain Of Mind, Perversions Of Pain) to horrible (Death’s Head, Love To Hate).

Things pick up a bit with In The Name Of God. I like the riff and it has some pretty good drumming but it’s nothing special. It sounds like something Fear Factory could have done apart from the solo of course. Scrum is a short brutal thasher and is a welcome relief from the tedium of the previous eight songs. Screaming From The Sky is a mid-paced song that isn’t too bad. It just sounds like the band is going through the motions. The album does end on a good note with Point. Like the opening track, the beginning does drag a bit but it speeds up a bit quicker this time. Once it does, it’s very enjoyable. It does slow down again in the middle but it speeds up again before the end. At least the song manages to hold your attention throughout.

I don’t recommend buying this album unless you’re a Slayer fan. There’s only 3 good songs and a couple of ok ones. The rest is pretty forgettable. This is definitely a case of downloading a few songs rather than buying the whole thing.