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Live Evil - 85%

mike_1981, April 29th, 2004

This record is what every live record should be: raw, unproduced, rough sounding stuff. This being said, there is not a single moment on any track where the band sounds off-tune or unsure of themselves. Sure, Tom Arayas vocals might not always be perfectly audible, but at least they sound pretty much the same as in their studio records, which confirms the fact that Araya is without a doubt, one of the greatest singers/screamers throughout the entire genre. Elsewhere, the band are all excellent, Dave Lombardo's drumming never misses a beat, and the dueling guitars of Kerry King and Jesff Hanneman are as close to perfection as one could hope for. What does this all mean, you ask? It means that Slayer are doing what they do best, playing with extreme passion to their devoted fans, something which they started out doing in 1983 when they first started and which still continues today, which proves that Slayer are one of the best live acts in the world!

As for the tracks, they are all excellent, a tremendous batch of Slayers best material. Sure, there may be a couple that have been left off, but how can you fit all of Slayers best songs on a 2-Disc record? Standout performances includes old classics such as "Hell Awaits", "Angel of Death" and "Chemical Warfare" which for some reason stands above all other tracks when performed live.

All in all one of the best live albums ever recorded, something that their many followers should look to as a template for live performances