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You really couldn't ask for much more!! - 90%

UltraBoris, August 10th, 2002

No, they could not have played EVERY good Slayer song. But they did play so many, and so very few of the forgettable and otherwise crappy. And besides, like all good heavy metal bands, Slayer sounds better live. Yes, they fuck up a few times, but if you want technical perfection, go suck on some Dream Theater!

They start off with Hell Awaits, which is the perfect intro - next moving through classic after classic: The Antichrist, War Ensemble, South of Heaven, Raining Blood. All of those are instantly recognisable, totally great thrash songs. Then, Altar of Sacrifice is pretty decent, and comes off nicely live, even though the studio version feels like it's missing something (eight more riffs and another minute of thrashing). Then, Jesus Saves is cool, and we get to sit through Dead Skin Mask, before getting to Seasons in the Abyss, which is the song Dead Skin Mask wishes it could be. Both are midpaced, both are grim, but one just totally shits on the other. Funny how things work out.

The last two songs on disc 1 will attempt to rip your fucking eyes out, and you'd better let them: Mandatory Suicide and Angel of Death. Perfect headbanging material.

Disc two begins with two more songs from Seasons: Hallowed Point and Blood Red - both average material from the album. Then, they play some really old stuff: Die By the Sword, Black Magic, and Captor of Sin. No complaints. Then, they throw in the awesome Born of Fire, which is one of the forgotten Slayer classics.

Postmortem next, though I still say after all these years that it should be exactly before Raining Blood, and no place else. Then, two more average Seasons songs: Spirits in Black and Expendable Youth. They actually manage to save the best for last: CHEMICAL FUCKING WARFARE. This song does not get nearly enough credit for being the be-all end-all of 1984 thrash metal, but at least they included it here, so I won't have to hurt them too badly (no wait, they did release albums after this which seriously sucked... [sharpens knife]).

The setlist - you really can't get better. Maybe a few less songs from Seasons (it was their new album at the time) and SOMETHING more from Hell Awaits - I mean, has everyone heard Kill Again enough times? I didn't think so. Or At Dawn they Sleep or Necrophiliac? But still, it would've been too much to ask for them to bring out Crionics or Aggressive Perfector or Ice Titan or Witching Hour, so you can't get better than this. Oh yeah and it's live, and it rips shit up, and if Slayer's not coming to a town near you 5 times this year (implying that you live in Antarctica), then you NEED this album.