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Just a piece of TRASH - 97%

Mortido, July 12th, 2003

I'm a new Slayer fan, but heck I love them! Initially I wasn't impressed by Slayer's music since the first albums I got in contact with were the newest ones, probably the crappiest ones. This album is the one through which I learned to listen to Slayer, as I was introduced their most popular songs.
It sounded very unmelodic at first, and it was hard to tell the songs apart, but it takes some getting used to. Raw and aggressive stuff - more so, albeit lighter, than Metallica.

I never consider studio albums among my favorite albums - they're only like small samples of bands, the songs are distinguished into the better songs and the worse songs, and of course, live albums sound better. On this album, almost all the songs are "the better songs". Some of the most euphoric and catchy songs are the legendary "Angel of Death" and "Jesus Saves", the ultra-violent "Captor of Sin" and "Altar of Sacrifice", the rocking "Blood Red" and "The Anti-Christ"... there's so many that I feel like being unfair to the songs I don't list. I feel bad about saying that my most favourite song "Raining Blood" (it's probably cuz it has been raining for a whole week straight now, where I live, and I love listening to this song during a storm!). But I consider nearly all of the songs here excellent, and no bad songs - well, I might skip "Born of Fire" and "Expendable Youth" when listening, just to get to my more favorite songs. This album is not worth dying for, but it sure is worth killing for.