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Fucking raw live album! - 90%

Ayeka, November 12th, 2002

This was my first Slayer album...not a good choice because not being familiar with the songs, there were some occasions where I couldn't tell where one ended and the other began (Die By The sword/Black Magic being one of these)! Once one is familiar with the songs (pretty much all of which are blinding, btw) then you will have no problems enjoying them in this raw form.

First off, 21 songs for the price of a regular album is a damn fine package. The only other album like this I can think of is Halford's Live Insurrection. 8 of these songs come from Seasons In The Abyss, which is quite a hefty representation (nearly the whole album) but works because Seasons was fucking great! I only wish they'd replaced Born Of Fire with Skeletons Of Society, but no worries. About half of Reign In Blood is represented and the albums/EP before that are evenly represented. It's cool having all these songs together with a consistant sound quality (the production on the early albums was quite different to what came after), and some of the earlier ones sound better here, especially Die By The Sword! There's the odd missed cue and so forth but it just reminds you that it's LIVE, Tom also fails to hit some of the high notes, but that ain't *too* much of a problem.

Anyone wanting a savage album or wanting to check out some unfamiliar Slayer choons would be recommended to get this! It's damn fine!