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Nice Comeback - 75%

devilX, June 8th, 2006

Well lets start with the bad. The song still has annoying parts that King still can't shake from his Hardcore/Numetal lovefest days. That breakdown at 2:48 is absolute garbage. Luckily it only lasts 20 or so seconds. The lyrics are also a bit silly, and aren't very convincing.

On to the good. The intro is decent, an attempt at a Hell Awaits/Jesus Saves type intro where they start with 3-4 different mid paced riffs before breaking out into a full on thrash assault. Once the main riff comes in with Tom's vocals , it is 100 percent Slayer. 3 Quality riffs in a row, which is about 2 more quality riffs than the entire GHUA album. The rhythm guitar is kinda buried but it's not too bad, it should stand out alittle more though. The vocals are also a major improvement over GHUA. Sounds like Araya circa Seasons/Divine Intervention.

Anyway, if this song didn't have that annoying breakdown, it would get into the 80s. When it thrashes, it's pretty damn good.