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Divine Intervention anyone? - 62%

CannibalCorpse, June 8th, 2006

The first Slayer material in...5 years? Well, as probably any other reviewer before and after me, I expected total crap. I was pretty surprised actually, the production, as well as the riff and song structures actually have nothing in common with the quite awful "God Hates Us All". "Cult" sounds very much like a song that didn't make it on "Divine Intervention".

The riffs themselves are mainly thrash. About one half of them are somewhat toned down and mediocre, but the other half is actually pretty well crafted. Total "Divine Intervention". Two "we are Slayer - whammy bar" solos also found their way onto the song and they actually fit rather well.

The vocals are just a tad too loud, even though Araya doesn't even sound that bad. There is no stupid distortion or experimentation layered on his voice and his voice sounds pretty fit. Of course there are no "Angel of Death" - esque screams (fuck, what did you expect?) but he sounds very much like he did in the early 90s.

The drumming is very fine, but what did you expect of Lombardo? He did a fine job, as always.

So, Slayer delivers a rather fine piece of music, leaving all the shitty experimentation and most of the mallcoreness from their last albums behind.

Of course you can't compare this single to recent Thrash releases from oldschool bands (Destruction, Kreator, Heathen...they all beat this one easily), but it might be worth a listen or two.

Is it possible that we'll be getting a good Slayer album again?