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What the Fuck Am I Hearing Right Now? - 0%

Metalhead1997, March 17th, 2017

I am a big fan of brutal death metal, and I'm not afraid to take on some bands that are "obscure" or "underground", or other terms like that. I like a lot of bands that are considered underground, such as Cerebral Engorgement, Crepitation, Deadly Remains, Ingested, Diphenylchloroasrine, etc.

However, after listening to this album, just because you sound unique doesn't mean you sound good, either. First of all, the album cover is pretty interesting and the fact that it shows pig-men being crucified while pigs with human faces ripping out their intestines is the only good thing about it. Don't let the brutal album cover deceive you, though. Your anticipation for the sound will instantly be changed.

The instrumentation is a HORRIBLE mix of barely any good guitar riffs, almost no bass, and "drums". I say that in quotes because 95% of the goddamn time it's a computer doing them. Shit like this is why I hate pop and rap, but this review isn't about those genres. The vocals are a complete fuck up. Seriously, half the time, the vocals are either growls or screams, and it barely comes off as "brutal" even once. The fact that a duo is responsible for this is proof that sometimes it's better to sound good, even if you're "generic" than unique.

The weirdest thing I always focused on were the insane drums. A lot of people reviewing Ingested's Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering said that the drums on the album were too loud, whereas with this album, the drums are really the only thing you'll pay attention to! When I was listening to the album, I was thinking to myself, "What the fuck is wrong with them? They don't have the audacity to recruit a real drummer?" Even if there IS a real drummer in this band, he needs to take fucking lessons and learn that a computer is NOT a musical instrument.

Overall, this album is an embarrassment. The Ubiquity of Subjugation by Slaughterbox is not worth listening to. If you want GOOD brutal death metal, this is NOT something I would recommend. The album art is COMPLETELY misleading. It's brutal, but the sound is just fucking mediocre and sounds like an 11-year-old emo trying to "play metal" when they've only heard screamo.


Fucking twisted! - 79%

GuardAwakening, June 10th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2011, CD, Amputated Vein Records

Whoa, this band is off the chart. If you like your death metal, extremely technical, guttural and insanely fast, this is for you. Slaughterbox was a band that unfortunately was highly overlooked in the extreme metal scene for reasons I'm still not too clear with. Although this album is credited as a full-length, yet learns more toward in EP in the amount of content, they pack some of the craziest tracks they can before even passing the 20-minute mark.

If I could describe their sound, it would be a hybrid of Brain Drill (riffs and drumming) and See You Next Tuesday (vocals and riffs). Their vocalist is an absolute freak. His fry screams pierce your ears and his gutturals sound like Satan himself. His screamed vocals very much remind me of Chris Fox from See You Next Tuesday let alone coincidentally enough, the riff in the song "Arrogance and the Loss of Human" on this album at the 0:36 mark sounds almost exactly like a riff See You Next Tuesday used in their song "Here, Take This Pill"; thus making the comparison and resemblance that much more notable.

Their riffs contain such an insane amount of technicality that it feels as if the songs implode your cranium as you subdue to this aural mayhem. Even so much to a point where the songs feel as if they have melody at times akin to the amount of frets their guitarist decides to inject into every nanosecond on the fly, thus leaving almost no meat behind the music at times and keeping the triggered double bass drums in the open. Whether this is a problem or not is your call.

Brain Drill themselves had this same issue; relying on a crazy amount of technical guitarwork to the point where the rest of their sound as a full band is left with no meat, with elements such as percussion left to wither on its own and not build toward the brutal sound that the band is trying to achieve. But that's just the only fault overly technical bands I have. Other than that, this release deserves all the praise any Brain Drilll or Viraemia-reminiscent band has received in the past five years. The only reason why I don't give this album a score in the 80s or 90s is because it unfortunately had to be so short along with the fact that the band doesn't venture much past only one sound throughout the whole release. But heck, it's tech death that solely focuses on just being technical. What can you expect?

I obviously recommend this album to any and all Brain Drill and See You Next Tuesday fans, or anyone in general who can appreciate some vividly technical unadulterated death metal. Why do all the best bands break up?