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You will Surrender or DIE - 83%

Shovel, April 4th, 2003

Slaughter are a highly underrated band. This CD starts off with a disturbing chainsaw attack. It gets right into Disintegrator, which is one and a half minutes of speed riffing. Disintegrator quickly turns into the slower Incinerator. Group vocals and a slow moshy rhythm on Incinerator show that Slaughter were obviously influenced by hardcore punk bands. Tyrant of Hell will skullfuck you with its evil, yet simple, song structure. The CD goes on and on, with great riffs and punk vocals/lyrics (check out the "one, two, fuck you!" lyrics on Shadow of Death and Surrender or Die. They are a salute to Betty Blowtorch).

The entire CD reminds me of Megadeth's early stuff, although it isn't nearly as technical.

Slaughter cover Hellhammer's Massacra on this CD. They do a nice job.

The stand out songs are: Disintegrator, Surrender or Die, and Tales of the Macabre.

The downside to this CD is its low quality. You can tell it is a demo, and the shitty production takes a lot away from the music.

I recommend this to anyone interested in some old fashioned, simplistic thrash.