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Skyforger > Semigalls' Warchant > Reviews
Skyforger - Semigalls' Warchant

Different of their later works, but good - 80%

davkov85, October 13th, 2004

Skyforger is a very underrated band. In my opinion, they are the most prominent and “famous” representatives of Baltic Pagan Metal. I like all their materials, their best is the debut album. The reason why I chose this demo for reviewing is that its style is different of their music. This means that it’s not sure that one who likes their albums would also like this demo.
However there are folk elements, this is not pagan metal; it’s simple black metal with dark atmosphere, raw production and wicked grims. They are softer than bands like Darkthrone or Judas Iscariot, but not as those nowadays modest “pagan black” bands.
The album starts with no intro, so they don’t waste their time. The tracks are equally good. This means that there are no bad track, however, no outstanding good either. The (usually fast) black parts are sometimes broken by nice Baltic folk parts, they fit the music well and makes the (otherwise conventional) album more “one of themselves.” However, when the vocalist uses his clean voice, it’s not really good. His voice is not bad, but untrained. From this view of point Skyforger also improved a lot. The 6th track “Sen dzirdeju nu reiaugu” has been re-released on the latest (pure folk) album, and that new version is better.
Anyway, this demo is good. Skyforger has shown that they do pagan black better than pure black (and better than pure folk). Despite this fact, those who like Skyforger should try this. The result might be interesting.