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One of Skyclad's finest albums - 95%

yeentrancemperium, May 12th, 2003

This 1995 Skyclad album, came after the great Prince of the Poverty Line. As usual, the lyrics are witty, bitter, and brilliant, courtesy of Martin. In fact, this is probably single the best metal album lyrics-wise.

The album starts out with one of the standout tracks, Still Spinning Shrapnel. "All I hear are peace talks and battle cries" It is a pretty intense song, while remaining very catchy as well.

Just What Nobody Wanted is the personal favorite here, depicting Martin's bitterness about life in a witty, kind of tongue in cheek way. "If life's sweet then I'm diabetic, The future looks rosy, I just went colorblind" If you don't like this song, chances are there is something wrong with you. :)

Art - Nazi is another great song, "more tongue in cheek than a french kiss from Judas Iscariot" no, not the USBM band, in case you were wondering.

Jeopardy is about a series of chemical experiments, in England with young men, conducted by the military. The play of words on left, right, left in the right, etc is genius.

Brimstone Ballet is another solid song, talking about welfare, rights, pros and contras against the issues of poverty. It also talks about a recurring theme, that is the sort of pagan disenchantment with the Christian God, that Skyclad express throughout their albums.

A Stranger in the Garden is very melodic, starts out with acoustic stuff. It's probably one of the weaker tracks on here.

Another Fine Mess starts out with a kind of spoken/sung intro part, but picks up towards the chorus, with some good catchy, folky riffing. A good song, overall.

Turncoat Rebellion is one of the better songs on the album, especially the chorus. The fiddle parts are above average in this song. Overall, an excellent song.

Halo of Flies has some great lyrics again, and a good chorus as well.

Desperanto (A Song for Europe) starts out with some pretty fast and intense guitar and fiddle work. The song describes the skepticism of the band with the current state of Europe. "No comprendo, I don't understand" and "we're all Eurosexual" enough said. One of the better songs on here.

The Present Imperfect is a slower, kind of laid back track, with a Latin Chorus from Cesar Frack.

The last track is an untitled instrumental track, and it's pretty good.