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Another Skyclad classic - 90%

morbert, October 10th, 2007

Of all their more metal based albums, this is one of Skyclad’s finest. The diversity of the material presented here does wonders. If only the production of this album would have been as good as their previous effort ‘Prince Of The Poverty line’. Especially the guitars.

The jazzy chorus together with the groovy punk verses of ‘Just What Nobody Wanted’ make it a refreshing song. The sing-a-long tune ‘Art Nazi’ however is a song I can only play in a certain mood but I cannot deny its quality. ‘Jeopardy’ has a lot of things going on and I consider this a another highlight on the album since I do like the arpeggio digital keyboard details and the ‘Left right Left right’ military vocal bits. It gives song an eerie atmosphere which suits the lyrics about war.

‘Brimstone Ballet’ is a catchy folk tune with a nice waltzing chorus. ‘A Stranger In The Garden’ is a very strong slow paced song with a great intro, beautiful verses and heavy chorus. Other highlights include the pounding ‘Halo Of Flies’ which has some strong doom metal riffing over mid paced drums and the ‘Tell me who am I, what am I and why am I here’ section is stuck in my mind forever since. Not forgetting to mention the fastest Skyclad song ever ‘Desperanto (A Song for Europe)’ which is almost thrash metal in the most classic way, including punk inspired drums.

Of course there are a few fillers here and the production is not as good as their previous album, but still ‘The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea’ remains a true Skyclad classic!