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Another quality album - 86%

yeentrancemperium, February 15th, 2005

Skyclad's 1997 album features a number of excellent tracks with a few less great ones.

The album is pretty much standard Skyclad, perhaps a bit more emphasis on the folk part compared to their previous efforts, this is definitely the case. The first 4-5 tracks stand out for me with Helium being the favorite here, despite its upbeat catchy tempo and sound. Building a ruin is also an outstanding number here, notable for its lyrical effort. Worn Out Sole to Heel and Single Phial are also deserving of mention.

The thread of Evermore, My Naked I and Catherine at the Wheel are not as good as the beginning of the disc.

The summary is thus: not much new stuff by the Claddies, but if you're a fan of theirs this is certainly worth picking up for at least 6-7 outstanding tracks. Or if you're just looking for unconventional witty folky metal.