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Angry, brilliant, intelligent, catchy and metal - 95%

yeentrancemperium, September 19th, 2003

My review will be biased, since I consider Skyclad to be one of the premiere metal bands in the 90s, in the top 3 for me.

This album is just a clinic on how to write intelligent lyrics, with catchy songs, but with agression. It's full of puns, plays on words and the like all courtesy of Martin Walkyier, who is pretty much a unanimous choice for best lyricist in heavy metal. The lyrics are challenging social issues, mocking politics, with little regards to country or fame. Yet, it's done in a witty way, and particularly with the catchiness of the songs it comes across as an interesting mix.

There is more to the album than lyrics, though. This album has great hooks, some aggressive guitar playing by Steve Ramsey, some really nice fviolin work(Sins of Emission comes to mind in particular) and overall just really good songs. Feel free to sing along to it.

Personal favorites would be Civil War Dance, Cardboard City, Land of the Rising Slum and The One Piece Puzzle, but basically the first 6-7 songs are all flawless.

Folk-metal really doesn't do justice for this band, band of the 90s probably does.