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One of the least interesting Walkyier-era albums - 65%

morbert, October 10th, 2007

As said, I’ve been a Walkyier-era Skyclad fan from the beginning but this album is really one of my least favourite ones together with ‘The Answer Machine’. The reason for this is simple. Even though the album proceeds in a decent way from start to finish there are actually only two songs I can really appreciate individually. This has been going on for years now each time I play this album. I have to be honest there are a lot of fillers here that do not annoy me but also never really grab the attention. Lyrically there’s nothing to complain here I must add, but in the end it’s the music that counts.

First really good song is ‘Sins Of Emission’ which continues the Widdeshins Jig-Spinning Jenny style but is slightly heavier. The other highlight is the best power folkmetal ballad Skyclad has ever written. I am of course talking about ‘The One Piece Puzzle’. The good production does the job as well I must admit, for the heavy guitars that enter the song after one and a half minute are extremely powerful and are the icing on the cake concerning this marvellous composition.

All the other songs just go on in a decent way but none of these songs would individually make it to a top 25 list of favourite Skyclad tracks. “Prince of the Poverty Line” is not a bad Skyclad album it’s just that almost all other Walkyier-era albums are far better. If you’re collecting their albums, save this one for last (together with ‘The Answer Machine’ that is).