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That is not an angel, merely a monkey with wings! - 94%

Yyzlin, November 2nd, 2003

One of the most consistent and best, IMO, metal bands of the 90's, this little heard, yet highly praised band hailing from England churned out a classic with their fourth full release. Provided with the brilliance of Martin Walkyier, the music is sharp, agressive, and catchy with that unique folk sound, accented by the use of the fiddle, that Skyclad has mastered. Lyrics are as always top notch and intelligent, full of puns and word play that highlight the witty satire directed at social and political issues. From the first song, Civil War Dance, alone, fantastic lyrics are abound. "Exchange inhuman wrongs for human rights. This underdog not only barks - it bites!...This system cultivates our lust and greed with anti-social insecurity." The rest of the album continues in similar fashion. Musically, there are no weakspots in the albums, only absolutely amazing songs compared to very very good songs. Top cuts include Cardboard City, Land of the Rising Slum,Gammadion Seed, and Womb of the Worm. Highly recommended, for metal fans and rock fans in general looking for something new and different.